Mr. hair 是我們三人的第一塊iPhone遊戲,採用unity引擊,~請多支持指教



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Mr. Hair - Lucky Wealth



AFRO MODE (阿富羅模式)


BALD MODE (禿髮模式)

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Business competition is not only instinct with hope and passion, but also cause men losing their hair by immense pressure. More often than not, a man would get more rich and lose more hair.

In the world of Mr. Hair, no man has to run his business so hard. You could enjoy investing and trading of real estate very easily, but also growing your hair and wealth in the same time. The winner will become gorgeous in AFRO hair style.

--Game Features--

- Addictive of fascinating game play. Easy to handle with one finger.

- Fully 3D cute characters and unique scenes. Realistic sound effect and cool image effect.

- Play solo against the computer or Pass'N play for 3.

- 2 funny game modes:

*** AFRO Mode: Enjoy fun of acquirement and investment for much income. Just try your luck, but knowing how to control your cash flow and side effect between different kinds of properties.

-- Each property would affect its close neighbor, and therefore increase each other's income or cost. Choose them at your own risk.

-- You could acquire any opponents' property if you offered a inviting price to their branch.

-- Opponents should pay you toll when they pass or stay in front of your property.

-- You could adapt your properties or invest them more and more to increase whole value and create more income, bonus, and passage toll.
    (Do it carefully! Investment would gain sweet profit, but being very risky, too!)

*** BALD Mode: Make real estate speculation by destroying opponents' properties and replacing with your own. You could even multiply income with quick action.

-- 6 kinds of industries for you to occupy all of the vacant land.

-- Stay, replace, and get money! You don't even pay!

-- Multiple of income would increase up if you tap the combo button at correct moment during movement.

App Store 的中文介紹



在 Mr. Hair 的遊戲世界中,經營事業不必這麼辛苦,您可以輕鬆享受房地產商業競爭的樂趣,同時資產愈多頭髮也愈茂密,勝者將成為外型美妙的阿富羅先生!



- 全 3D 的可愛逗趣角色與特色場景,豐富的畫面效果與逼真音效。

- 可獨自與 AI 對戰或同時最多 3 人輪流進行遊戲。

- 共有 2 種獨特的遊戲模式:

*** 阿富羅模式:充分享受強力併購對手資產與投資獲利的快感,只要懂得控制好現金流量,充分理解各種資產之間的交互影響,就可以來試試您的手氣好壞!

-- 6 種類型的資產會彼此影響相鄰的資產,因此產生更多的收入或更高的成本。

-- 只要您肯出個好價錢,對手的子公司將在強力的誘惑下被您併購資產。

-- 對手經過或停留在您的資產前,就要繳交費用給您。

-- 您可以改造或重複增資您的資產,並藉此提高整體價值,創造更多營收、投資獎金與過路費。 (請小心,投資是有風險的!並非每次投資都能成功獲利!)

*** 禿髮模式:盡情的以自己的資產破壞並取代他人的資產,藉此提升地價並從中獲利!只要您的反應夠快,獲利還可多倍提升!

-- 6 種事業可供任意選擇,盡量蓋滿所有的空地吧!

-- 只要您停留在對手的資產前,即以自己的資產取代,馬上提升地價並獲利。

-- 在您前進的過程中,只要在正確的時機按下倍率鈕,即可多倍提升您的獲利。

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